Healthy Hump Day

This week’s Healthy Hump Day is all about Turmeric. You may have heard about the health-craze behind Turmeric capsules or you’re probably thinking the only use for turmeric is in hearty meal recipes featuring a unique tang and lots of flavor.

A few months ago I learned about Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties and decided to try reaching for a dash of the bright orange spice when I have a migraine instead of grabbing a Tylenol or Advil. I cannot say that my migraines have been fully relieved by simply adding Turmeric to my diet, but I attribute the lessening of pain to its inclusion in my daily smoothies and juices. After months of averaging multiple migraines per week, I have only faced four or five painful days in the past month.

As a dedicated advocate for Alzheimer’s disease awareness and research, I was excited to learn that additional medicinal properties of Turmeric include a boost in cognitive function and overall memory, showing great benefits for those facing the disease. Adding Turmeric to the diet of someone struggling with Alzheimer’s can also help to boost mood by elevating irritability and anxiety. Those looking prevention options against heart disease, cancer and diabetes, can also turn to Turmeric to lend assistance toward a healthy life.

Regardless of age or ailment, anyone can find use for a little bit of this spice in their diet! My favorite recipes thus far are this warm Golden Milk Turmeric Tea and this refreshing Carrot Ginger Turmeric Smoothie.

Don’t just try my favorite recipes, though! With so many health-conscious individuals searching for new ways to add a bit of this wonder spice to their daily diet, new recipes and ideas are popping up online daily. Add a bit of a healthy boost to your Hump Day with a Turmeric recipe search and move onto the weekend feeling confident in your diet addition!

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